Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome to Reflections of a MadCityScribbler

Welcome to Reflections of a MadCityScribbler.  I am an indie-published writer, a screenwriter, and a freelancer.

I co-write mysteries with my sister-in-law Mary Joy Johnson.  We published On the Road to Death’s Door, the first in our series, under the penname M. J. Williams. 

I also co-write screenplays with Christine DeSmet.  While Chris and I are still waiting to see our name up on the big screen, we have actually made money writing screenplays.  How does that happen? That’s  a topic for a future blog.

My freelance work is all solo writing.  I’ve made a modest amount of money freelancing over the years, writing for online venues, print magazines and newspapers, and corporate and educational video scripts.

The reason for this blog? Well, Mary Joy and I have recently had some success with our debut indie novel (published through Amazon) due to a surprisingly successful Kindle ebook promotion using Amazon’s Select program.  We were able to do what we did by scouring the Internet for advice from other writers. I thought it might be a good idea to pay it forward.

I don’t promise that my ideas will be any different or any better than what other writers have already put out there.  But perhaps my stories, advice, and suggestions will resonate with other writers and they will find it useful. 

So that is the purpose of Reflections of a MadCityScribbler.  This blog will be an effort by one indie-published novelist/screenwriter/freelancer to share what I am learning as I go along, and to maybe provide a forum for other writers—through interviews, guest blogs, and features—to pay it forward and in the process increase my own knowledge base, improve my own writing, publishing, and marketing skills, and perhaps gain a bit of attention doing so.

Reflections of a MadCityScribbler is my second blog.  I also write Musings of a MadCityWriter where I expound upon books (mine and others), perspectives on American culture (from my own POV and no others') and reflections on life in general.  I try to post to that blog on a regular basis, so please check it out.

As for this blog—Reflections of a MadCityScribbler—my postings might, at least in the beginning, be a little less regular. But I am hoping they will provide a point of reference that writers will find useful to return to.  Please consider signing up for email notices regarding new content. And please also feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, and resources, or if you would like to be interviewed or to contribute a guest post.  

If you are wondering about book reviews:  I do a few reviews on the Musings of a MadCityWriter blog, but I do not accept requests to submit books for reviewing.  I have to admit upfront that I am very slow at finishing books, and so I would not be able to keep up with doing reviews on a regular basis. However, in my commitment to pay it forward, I will from time to time purchase books to read, and will generally follow that with a review on the Musings blog. In that case, I will always contact the author to let him or her know of my review.

So, again, welcome to Reflections of a MadCityScribbler!

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